Massage Therapies Tropical Massage - 60mins - USD35

Focusing on the pressure points and stretching techniques associated with Thai massages. Leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. No oil is used during this massage.

Aromatherapy Massage - 60mins - USD35

Using our own blend of 100% natural aromatherapy oils, we use gentle effleurage and kneading techniques to increase blood circulation. It will leave you feeling lighter, healthier and pleasantly relaxed.

Sports Massage - 60mins - USD35

Ideal for those who prefer a deep tissue massage. It relieves muscles tightened by regular exercise or daily stress. Starting with a warm-up massage, we gradually go to deeper layers of muscle, reducing muscle fatigue.

Frangipani’s Stone massage - 90mins - USD75

The hot stones penetrate deeply to help loosen and sooth tightened, congested muscles. The cold stones are used to reduce inflammation and create a balanced and rejuvenating treatment. Our stone massage not only relaxes and soothes the body but also detoxifies, leaving you feeling grounded, balanced and revitalized. This treatment is not recommended for people who suffer from high-blood pressure.

Sports Massage & Traditional Herbal Hot Compress - 90mins - USD52

For the best results, we advise that you combine the sports massage with a traditional herbal hot compress for at least 90 minutes.

Anti-stress Massage - 30mins - USD20

A great relaxation massage for tight and stressed muscles focusing on the back, shoulder and head.

Four-handed Massage - 60mins - USD65

Two therapists work together at the same time, mirroring each other’s motions over your entire body. A blissful and relaxing massage. Enjoy the sensation of being pampered by two massage therapists.

Foot Reflexology - 60mins - USD35

Foot reflexology stimulates the whole body through the pressure points on the soles of the feet. Helps cleanse your system of toxins, improves blood circulation and supports your body’s own healing potential. Perfectly finished with a relaxing head massage.

Facial Treatments Tropical Facial - 75mins - USD66

(Designed for most skin types)
This intense process begins by cleansing the facial pores and removing dead skin cells. This is followed by a herbal hot compress and a natural facial mask to detoxify and refresh your tired skin. We finish with a final moisturizing massage using Algotherm products best suited for your skin type.

Moisturizing Facial - 75mins - USD66

(Designed for dry to normal skin types)
This treatment offers cleansing, toning, exfoliation and massage, together with a revitalizing mask. It will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Rejuvenating Facial - 75mins - USD66

(Designed for anti-aging)
This in-depth firmness care has been specially designed for skin lacking vitality, where wrinkles and fine lines have begun to set in. The unique lifting massage will turn this care into a unique experience. For best results, we use a refrigerating mask and oxygenating peel-off mask. Your skin is lifted and left glowing and you will look visibly younger.

Refreshing Facial - 30mins - USD35

(Designed for all skin types)
A pampering facial experience which cleanses, exfoliates, masks and moisturizes your skin. Your face will immediately look and feel smoother, softer and more radiant.

Gua Sha Facial - 75mins - USD66

(Suitable for all skin types)
Designed with the belief that nature has more than enough to offer us healthy and beautiful skin. A combination of Gua Sha techniques using Jade stone, Bio Cellulos coconut mask and natural essential oils, will purify, soothe and stimulate your skin. You will be left with your skin feeling truly nourished, lifted and perfectly toned.

Body Treatments Salt Scrub - 60mins - USD40

(Designed for combination to oily skin)
Our refreshing salt scrub uses exfoliating salt with soothing and nourishing marine oil. The perfect sliming and replenishing treatment.

Seaweed Scrub - 60mins - USD40

(Designed for sensitive skin)
The ideal scrub for brand new skin. We use an exfoliating cream that is rich in revitalizing algae, Spiruline, and exfoliating powders.

Sugar Scrub - 60mins - USD40

(Designed for dry and/or sensitive skin)
For a slimming, relaxing and/or replenishing scrub. Our Sugar scrub is rich in revitalizing and anti-aging algae.

Kampot Pepper Scrub - 60mins - USD40

(Suitable for all skin types)
The Cambodian pepper and yoghurt, is best for cleansing, boosting circulation of skin and rejuvenating tired skin. It will stimulate the body’s fat-burning system to function more effectively and remove excess fluid.
Highly recommended before our Sports Massage.

Jasmine Rice Scrub - 60mins - USD40

(Suitable for all skin types)
The organic jasmine rice mixed with yoghurt and honey is enriched with vitamins, and is a natural and powerful anti-oxidant.

Bath Floral Bath - 30mins - USD50

A fragrance of flowers, marine salt and aromatherapy essences to relax and revitalize the body and mind.

Herbal Bath - 30mins - USD50

A bath made of a traditional family recipe using herbs specially picked and combined to cleanse and heal.

Facial Waxing
(Hot Wax / Strip wax used)







Body Waxing

Underarms (Hot wax)


Full arms (Strip wax)


Half-arms (Strip wax)


Full leg (Strip wax)


Upper half-leg (Strip wax)


Lower half-leg (Strip wax)


Basic bikini (Hot wax)


Full bikini (Hot wax)


Back (Strip wax)


Chest (Strip wax)