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body treatments

salt scrub

60 minutes – 40 usd

(Designed for combination to oily skin) Our refreshing salt scrub uses exfoliating salt with soothing and nourishing marine oil. The perfect sliming and replenishing treatment.

seaweed scrub

60 minutes – 40 usd

(Designed for sensitive skin) The ideal scrub for brand new skin. We use an exfoliating cream that is rich in revitalizing algae, Spiruline, and exfoliating powders.

kampot pepper scrub

60 minutes – 40 usd

(Suitable for all skin types) The famous southern Cambodian pepper and yoghurt, is best for cleansing, boosting circulation of skin and rejuvenating tired skin. It will stimulate the body’s fat-burning system to function more effectively and remove excess fluid. Highly recommended before our Sports Massage.

jasmine rice scrub

60 minutes – 40 usd

(Suitable for all skin types) The organic jasmine rice mixed with yoghurt and honey is enriched with vitamins, and is a natural and powerful anti-oxidant.

herbal body scrub

60 minutes – 40 usd

(Suitable for all skin types) This treatment is renowned for its healing and cleansing properties. We use a wonderful mixture of turmeric, honey, tamarind and fresh milk.

sugar scrub

60 minutes – 40 usd

(Designed for dry and/or sensitive skin) For a slimming, relaxing and/or replenishing scrub. Our Sugar scrub is rich in revitalizing and anti-aging algae.

frangipani slimming

150 minutes – 100 usd

(Suitable for all skin typed) A combination of a seaweed scrub, followed by Algotherm silhouette shaper cups, ending with a marine wrap. Helps firm, refresh and relax your body.